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Invite Romance and Elegance ... with exquisite Bridal Bouquets - Your Moment, Your Dreams, Your Style, Your Day. Ken’s Flowers is a full service florist committed to making your wedding day perfect. Let us make your wedding Weddings affordable and unforgettable!

Ken’s wedding flowers are designed especially for you

Style and Grace Bouquet [T181-1A]
Nantucket Dreams Bouquet [T182-1A]
Luxe Lavender and Green Bouquet [T182-2A]

Love in Blue [T182-3A]
Lady Grace Bouquet [T183-1A]
Blush Rose Bouquet [T186-1A]

Lacy Rose Bouquet [T186-2A]
Sweet White Bouquet [T186-3A]
Gardenia and Grace Bouquet [T187-1A]

Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet [T190-1A]
Rose Meadow Bouquet [T191-1A]
Pink Rose Garden Bouquet [T191-2A]

Precious Pomander [T193-2A]
Flower Girl's Dream Basket [T193-6A]
My Pink Heaven Bouquet [T194-3A]

Country Rose Bouquet [T194-4A]
Martha's Vineyard Bouquet [T194-5A]
Lavender Heaven Bouquet [T194-6A]

Passionate Embrace Bouquet [T194-7A]
Bright Love Bouquet [T194-9A]
Luscious Love Bouquet [T195-1A]

Lovely as a Rose Bouquet [T199-1A]
Sweet Sunbeams Bouquet [T199-2A]
Best of the Garden Bouquet [T199-3A]

Fairy Rose Bouquet [T204-1A]
Queen's Garden Crown [T193-5A]