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Fresh Flower Tips

Flowers have a language all their own. In one way or another, every sentiment imaginable is expressed through blooming flowers. Below is an alphabetized listing of some popular flower names and their meanings.

Flower name Meanings
Amaryllis Pastoral poetry.
Aster Daintiness & love. Fidelity.
Azalea Take care of yourself for me. Fragile passion.
Bells of Ireland Good luck.
Bittersweet Truth.
Cactus Endurance.
Camellia Admiration. Perfection.
Carnation (general) Fascination. Love. Distinction.
Carnation (red) Deep love & affection.
Carnation (pink) I'll never forget you. A mother's undying love.
Carnation (purple) Capriciousness.
Carnation (green) Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Carnation (white) Sweet & lovely. Innocence. Pure love. Good luck.
Cattail Peace. Prosperity.
Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness & rest. You're a wonderful friend.
Chrysanthemum (red) Love. Good luck & best wishes.
Chrysanthemum (white) Truth.
Chrysanthemum (yellow) Slighted love.
Daffodil Regard. You're the only one.
Daisy Innocence. Purity. Gentleness. Loyal love.
Delphinium Open heart. Ardent attachment.
Gardenia You're lovely. Secret love.
Gladiolus Remembrance. Sincerity.
Heather Admiration. Solitude.
Hyacinth (purple) I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
Hyacinth (pink) Play.
Hyacinth (white) Loveliness. I'll pray for you.
Hydrangea Thank you for understanding.
Iris Faith. Hope. Wisdom & valor. My compliments.
Ivy Wedded love. Fidelity. Affection.
Larkspur Lightness & swiftness.
Lily (general) Purity of the heart.
Lily (calla) Beauty.
Lily (tiger) Wealth.
Lily (white) Innocence & purity. Sweetness. Majesty.
Lily (yellow) Gratitude & gaiety.
Lily of the Valley Sweetness. Return to happiness. Humility.
Magnolia Nobility.
Mistletoe Kiss me. Affection. To surmount difficulties.
Orchid Love. Beauty. Refinement. Wisdom.
Orchid (cattleya) Mature charm.
Peony Happy marriage.
Petunia Your presence soothes me.
Poppy Eternal sleep. Imagination.
Primrose I can't live without you.
Rose (bridal) Happy love.
Rose (coral) Desire.
Rose (dark pink) Thankfulness.
Rose (dark crimson) Mourning.
Rose (lavender) Enchantment. Love at first sight.
Rose (peach) Modesty.
Rose (orange) Fascination. Enthusiasm.
Rose (red) I love you. Respect.
Rose (pale pink) Grace. Joy. Admiration.
Rose (white) Innocence. Spiritual love & purity.
Rose (yellow) Joy & gladness. Friendship.
Snapdragon Gracious. Fascinating. Protection from evil.
Stock Bonds of affection. Promptness.
Stephanotis Happiness in marriage. Desire to travel.
Sunflower Power. Warmth. Nourishment.
Tulip (general) Gift from a perfect lover. Love.
Tulip (red) Irresistible love. Believe me. Declaration of love.
Tulip (yellow) Hopeless love.
Violet Faithfulness. Modesty.
Zinnia (mixed) Thinking of an absent friend.